Khaki Coffee started out with passion for Italian espresso. We distribute high quality roasted coffee beans, coffee grinders, espresso machines, and various equipments for coffee. These are the ingredients for a great cup of Italian espresso. 


In 2010, we crafted a café called Khaki Coffee Bar with just a motto in mind - single-origin and Italian espresso goodness can only be appreciated if everyone knew his cup of coffee. We then set our mission to save the human species from bad coffee with our coffee bar. Over the years we have sampled a wide variety of exotic single-origins with our café visitors, allowing us to develop the know-how to confidently handle each type of coffee beans. In 2019, our café have graduated with our house brand Khaki Coffee Bar blend, where high-quality roasted beans are combined in a harmonious, complementing way to allow your taste bud's utmost enjoyment. 


In Malaysia, Khaki Coffee is the sole authorised distributor of La Spaziale S.p.A. - the only company with all espresso machines built with a steam-circulated heat exchange system between coffee delivery group and boiler. To know more about the superiority of steam circulation instead of water, please visit here.

Passion for italian espresso

since 2008