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La Spaziale espresso machines

We carry full range of machines manufactured by La Spaziale S.p.A. from Bologna, Italy. This is the birthplace of many great Italian machineries, including Lamborghini, Ducati and of course La Spaziale espresso machines.


All espresso machines from La Spaziale S.p.A. are customised to your needs. Each components are cut with high-precision laser cutting, then finishing touches are added by hand. These components are skillfully assembled by experienced master technician. Final products are then put through a set of stringent tests to ensure consistency in temperature, pressure and operating conditions before being packed for shipping.


Do take note due to these important steps in producing your machines, it will take two months for your precious investment to arrive. Your machine will be a reliable workhorse to generate returns for you for years to come when service & maintenance schedule is followed strictly.