Coffee Beans
Single-origins are not perfect. While single-origin has distinctive yet wonderful characteristic, like all things else, it has its own flaws. What then is a class above single-origin coffee beans? Khaki Coffee is proud to share with you the results of our vast experience in handling coffee beans. Our blends of high quality single-origin beans give you the balance but layered, complex and rich taste profile. It is the utmost enjoyment to our senses. 

Q: What is the most common problem plagueing blending of coffee beans?
A: The blend becomes neither fish nor fowl - individual flaws of each component single-origin are magnified and all their wonderful taste profiles are masked by one another.

Q: If so, how would you know if you have had a problematic blend?
A: Oh, in that moment, you will know what is the furthest distance of the world!

Be serious about your coffee, but do not take it too seriously.

Coffee Equipments
La Spaziale S.p.A. produces the one of the most reliable espresso machines in the world. It was founded in 1969 by people with vast experience in espresso coffee machine. Ever since, its innovation and quality has been unmatched - simply put, it is the Mercedes-Benz of espresso machines. Some 13,000 machines per year are produced by La Spaziale S.p.A. today. To ensure top notch quality, all the machines are only assembled by hands of craftsmen who have passed stringent challenges.

Khaki Coffee is proud to be appointed as the exclusive authorised distributor of machines produced by La Spaziale S.p.A. in Malaysia. You can expect to buy with confidence as we possess the know-how and are supported by La Spaziale S.p.A. directly. 

A purchase of La Spaziale machine is an investment worth a life-time. 

For those who know, contact us for a cup of coffee.

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